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Information for Lawyers

The pre-recorded webinar program “Limited Scope Family Legal Services – Where the Rubber Hits the Road” provides lawyers with the essential training, resources and best practices they require in order to provide limited scope services to family law clients as part of Ontario’s FLLSS Project. Lawyers must complete the Family Law Limited Scope Services training provided by the Project before submitting an application to join the online Lawyer Directory. Click here for details.

Roster Lawyer Articles and Blogs

Interested in hearing about what our roster lawyers are saying about family law and limited scope services? Check out the articles and blogs posted by members of our Online Lawyer Directory!

Directory Help

Some helpful instructions on adding or updating your information in our online directory.

A Legal Topic Checklist

This checklist assists members of the public to identify legal topics that apply in their personal circumstances and provides them with information about those issues that will be helpful, especially when preparing to meet with a lawyer for the first time.

Unbundled Legal Services Canadian Survey
Dr. Rachel Birnbaum

Family limited legal services, also known as unbundling of legal services or limited scope retainers, is becoming a significant area of practice for some family lawyers in Canada. There is, however, little research about the views and experiences of lawyers practicing in this way, and many lawyers who engage in this type of work are interested in learning about the experiences of other lawyers who do this. This study is intended to address these important gaps in knowledge, and the results may influence further policy and program development as well as professional practice.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes and can be completed at your convenience. Thank you for your time. Dr. Birnbaum can also be contacted by email at: for any questions or comments.

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Thank you for visiting the Ontario’s Family Law Limited Scope Services Project website.

The Ontario Family Law Limited Scope Services Project’s aim is to improve access to family justice for middle income Ontarians by increasing the use of limited scope retainers, legal coaching and summary legal counsel in family law cases.

The Project facilitates access to and use of these services through the creation of this website hosting a province-wide roster of trained lawyers willing and able to provide such services. Prospective clients are able to search this website by location, type of service and service provider.

Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to Helena Birt at