February 10, 2020:  Tami Moscoe, Chair of the FLLSS Project, was a guest of Andrew Feldstein, managing partner of the Feldstein Family Law Group on Andrew’s YouTube series #AskAndrew. Tami and Andrew talk about unbundled family law services in Ontario.  The link is: https://can01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/

Interested in hearing about what our roster lawyers are saying about limited scope services in family law? Check out the articles and blogs posted by members of our Online Lawyer Directory.  Submissions from roster lawyers are always welcome!

Oct 30, 2020:  Susan Blackwell is one of our roster lawyers with an active social media presence.  See her earlier posting below.  Most recently, Ms. Blackwell has posted a new blog on her website for Access to Justice week about the importance of client feedback and lists the links to current surveys as well as the reports from old ones.    The link is:  www.blackwellfamilylaw.ca/bflblog/2020/10/28/user-responses-needed-for-access-to-justice

Heather Hui-Litwin is a lawyer and co-founder of the Self-Rep Navigators (www.limitedscoperetainers.ca), a group of lawyers who offer unbundled or limited scope legal services to litigants. She has produced two You-Tube videos through her website, Litigation-Help.com, as part of a public legal education initiative. In the videos, Ms. Hui-Litwin talks to Helena Birt, Senior Program Director of the Family Law Limited Scope Services Project: How to Hire a Lawyer Affordably Part 1: “Limited Scope” Or “Unbundled” services.  https://youtu.be/aXf3drNnv4A; How to Hire a Lawyer Affordably Part 2: Ontario Family Law Limited Scope Services Project  https://youtu.be/JE6pp0xee9s.

AJ Jakubowska, family lawyer and mediator, devoted an entire episode on her SANE SPLIT Podcast to limited scope legal services! The episode features AJ’s dialogue with Janice Ho and Lucia Lam, also family law lawyers. They cover a range of subjects related to limited scope legal services, including what these services are, with practical examples, payment options and how to find a lawyer providing these services. Listen to it here: http://www.separationinontario.com/sane-split-podcast/my-guests-are-janice-ho-and-lucia-lam.

Lisa Eisen of the Project Steering Committee and the principal of Family Law a la Carte has started a 27-week blog series about limited scope and legal coaching – called the A to Z’s: http://familylawalacarte.ca/new-blog

July 2, 2020:  Susan Blackwell of Blackwell Family Law uses the plight of the RV couple stranded at the border as reported by the CBC as a jumping-off point for her thoughts and discusses the benefits of getting limited scope advice to understand your rights and responsibilities before problems arise: https://www.blackwellfamilylaw.ca/bflblog/2020/7/2/cross-border-couples-ordeal-shines-light-on-the-many-meanings-of-common-law